Size 7/4.5mm Single Point Needle

Hand-crafted, hand-polished and the perfect fit for any knitter's hand, a Signature Needle is at first a luxury -- and then a necessity. No other needle makes a more perfect, uniform stitch, which is why it's the true hobbyist's choice.

Size 7/4.5mm Single Point Needle

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        Customer Reviews

        Review Review by Susan
        Signature Needle Arts knitting needles are unquestionably the best knitting needles available. The stiletto tips are very sharp and are wonderful for knitting with splitty yarns or doing lace work. In addition they are simply beautiful! (Posted on 6/10/16)
        Review Review by Kristi
        I am building my collection of signature needles. I love them, love the way they feel when you're using them and they look so nice. Everyone that sees them is jealous and asks me where I got them. (Posted on 3/11/16)
        Review Review by Sue Dolinar
        smooth, easy knitting - yarn slides over needles and stiletto point makes picking up the stitches fast and easy (Posted on 3/14/15)
        Review Review by Brenda LaCroix
        My first signature needles. It was love at first sight. (Posted on 12/26/14)