DPNs Size US 1/2.25mm (Green)

These needles are constructed from aircraft quality aluminum and feature a slip/grip manufacturing combination to keep your yarn and your project on your needles.

Signature DPNs are all created with a Stiletto - Stiletto point profile combination. The exception is the 4” needles which are created with a Stiletto – Blunt profile combination for optimal hand comfort.

All DPN sets of 4 or 5 needles are shipped in a Signature DPN storage tube.

DPNs Size US 1/2.25mm (Green)

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      Customer Reviews

      Review Review by Denise
      I love my double pointed Signature Knitting needles, they are like knitting with silk needles, so smooth. (Posted on 8/7/16)
      Review Review by Tami
      Yes, they are expensive. Are they worth it? Most definitely. My stitches have never looked this uniform and precise. Although they are metal, they are not slippery--stitches do not slip off the needles--ever. Worth every penny spent for them. (Posted on 7/23/16)
      Review Review by Laurie Taylor
      Love, love, love them. All I use for socks. I have used magic loop, 2 circ, 2 at a time etc, but I love making socks on DPNs, and these are the best to that on. (Posted on 6/2/16)
      Review Review by Jennifer Ralton-Smith
      These are my go to needles for knitting socks which I've been doing for nigh on 50 years: In that time I've knitted a lot of socks and used a lot of different double pointed sock needles!
      These needles are perfection - the points, the weight and a surface that prevents stitches falling off the needles without losing any of the slickness associated with metal needles.

      Kudos to you, Signature Arts, for designing the perfect sock needle! (Posted on 5/8/16)
      Review Review by Lorraine
      These are the best needles. (Posted on 3/2/16)
      Review Review by Tori
      The most incredible points ever. I will be knitting on these for the rest of my life. Mark your calendar to get to a show and try these out. They are worth every cent, but you wont believe me til you try them yourself. (Posted on 2/21/16)
      Review Review by Barbara Garcia
      I cannot say enough about these needles. Until you try them you will not know how smooth the tips are and they are a dream for sock knitting with the stiletto points. I currently only have the size 1 but, you can believe I will be ordering more of the sizes that I use most often. I love my Sigs as I call them.
      (Posted on 11/6/15)
      Review Review by Melissa
      I love them!! (Posted on 4/16/15)