Signature Sock Blocker

Socks dry quickly on Signature's new sock blockers. Air easily flows through your socks for optimal drying. Hang them over your shower rod and excess water drips right into the tub. Signature Sock Blockers are currently available in 2 sizes Medium (measures 8.25" from the heel to the toe) available in Amethyst Purple Large measures (9.5" from the heel to the toe) available in Emerald Green

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Signature Sock Blocker

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Review Review by Pat Steller Grace
For more than hand-knit socks!

I have a number of SmartWool socks that, unfortunately, have gone into the dryer. As a last-ditch effort, before I gave them all away, I washed them and stretched them on this terrific sock stretcher. Worked like a charm.

A little less conventionally: I hand wash my bras and hang 'em in the shower, but have never had a great way to do that, before. Now, one shoulder strap goes into each toe. Now that it's balanced there are several places to hang them In the shower stall.

Now, they just need a knee-sock version! (Posted on 10/2/14)