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Ellen P. 1/24/18 |

This is why I love Signatures- the needles are amazing and the customer service is fantastic!!!

Petra 1/19/18 |

Signature is by far the best needles I have ever used. The cable has the perfect softness and the needles are exquisite. I will continue wishing for them for Christmas and birthday presents.

Zita C. 9/8/17 |

I hate using your needles because they make me hate all of my nice, expensive needles!!  All jokes aside, your needles are totally superior to all needles out there. I would know, I have some of the more expensive needles that are made in my collection....of now, useless needles :). I have Addi's Dyakcraft wood and metal, Chiaogoo wood and metal, Lantern Moon, etc. Your needles are somehow the best of both wood and metal. They have, which is hard to describe, but I'll give it a try....they have a nice slippery grip to them. They are wonderful. I am in love with them!! When I grap a WIP and another brank of needle is in it, I fix it immediately by replacing it with one of your needles. I am actually unhappy if I am forced to use another needle, honestly this is true!  Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I love your needles. They are truly fabulous and superior to all needles out there. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Gail R. 8/19/17 |

My project uses Size 2 needles.  My pattern calls for making one stitch many times. The difference with Signature Needles is that I actually enjoyed my project rather than trying over and over to M1 stitch -- first time, every time! So happy that I can knit more challenging things because of Signature.  Thank you!!

Gail R. 6/15/17 |

Happy happy birthday! You have given the world ten years of fabulous knitting needles! thank you!!!

Gail R. 6/15/17 |

I can't resist ANOTHER order of the world's finest and most addictive needles EVER!

Sandra 4/24/17 |

Received the cable for my needles today. I just started a new project and I am using these needles. I have to say these are the best needles I've ever used. The balance is amazing. The length is perfect for my hands. Connection was easy and fast and the ability for the cable to swivel is a game changer. Also the stiletto tips are perfect. They are so easy to get under the stitch, even if it's a knit 2 together. I think I will have to invest in more of your needles. What a wonderful product. And American made. Can't beat that!

Lorraine 1/4/17 |

For Christmas and my birthday, I'm blessed to get cash -- last year I was able to purchase Signature circular needles -- and this year I'm getting the double points -- and yes, they are expensive. I knit every day and they are well worth the money. I'm truly blessed and for me money well spent. I plan on knitting well into my golden years. Signature needles are a work of art and I love knitting with them. I suggest to any knitter out there to purchase just one set of needles in a size you use the most -- and I bet you'll be back for the whole set.

Laura G. 2/6/17 |

WOW! Thank you for the incredibly fast service! I received my cable assembly TODAY (Monday) after ordering it Friday!! Love your products -- makes for fast knitting with these sharp and light needles!

Alison A. 10/13/16 |

I can't wait to get back to knitting with my Signatures......I have been using some others in the meantime and they just don't compare!

S.L. 9/26/16 |

I have never hesitated buying Sigs or wavered in my love of them. If I have to use another brand, I feel my product suffers and the experience is nowhere near as enjoyable! I must have at least 100 of other needles in all sizes and shapes and I still will only use my Sigs!!!!

Stella 9/20/16 |

Just wanted you know how much I love these needles! I had purchased the size 1 dp needles from you about 3 years ago and use them all the time (socks), I received my size 2 dp last week, just cannot use any other brand any longer! I feel since I buy the best yarns, then I should have the best needles. Thanks so much for such a great product.

Patricia B. 4/18/16 |

I do a lot of lacework and these needles are simply the best needles on the market for this kind of work!

Lisa R. 4/13/16 |

I am truly amazed each and every time I use my Signature Arts needles! I have three straight sets, four circulars and six sets of DPNs with the stiletto tips on all of them. I keep adding to my Signature Arts needles every time I get the chance. Yes, compared to other companies these are pricey, but oh so worth the investment. My circular cords do not kink or knot up whether it is magic loop or any type of circular knitting. The DPNs are amazing, I just learned sock knitting and have no issues with stitches falling off, especially right after joining in the round and before a solid base of rounds are completed to make the knitting more stable. The straight needles are a dream to knit with and like the DPNs the stitches do not come off the needles when you lay your work down. Please do not think this means these are difficult to knit with either, when knitting the stitches slide soothly from all the needle types and yarn or stitches do not catch at the join with the stalk in the circular combinations. These are not only the best knitting needles, but beautiful colors that make finding the size needle easy without having to look on the needle once I mastered the color meanings. Truly a wonderful product, my only disappointment is not having circular needles in US sizes 0, 1, 1.5, and 2 for us sock knitters who do magic loop. But I love these needles so much I use the DPNs. Did I mention Customer Service is top notched, I made a mistake in a couple of needle sizes and emailed them before they packaged and shipped, which is usually pretty quick too, they corrected the order and sent the sizes I needed. Thank you for being a great made in the USA company!

Judy S. 3/23/16 |

Wow is the reaction I had when I first knit with Signature Needle Arts Convertible Circular Needles. I noticed right away much less resistance and a fluidity when knitting with these. The stiletto point tip is absolute perfection for my knitting style. Additionally, the finish of the needles is smooth with a delightful slip but not so much that your stitches fly off the needle when you don’t want them too. The cords are malleable with no memory so they don’t kink up which is especially wonderful if you use the magic loop method AND they rotate with the needle – Whoo Hoo is an understatement when it comes to that. Lastly, from an aesthetic perspective, these needles are gorgeous. Does that help your knitting – no, but like a beautiful stitch marker, it certainly makes it more fun! Signature Needles Arts Customer service is outstanding – they stand by their product and offer a lifetime guarantee. How fantastic that their state of the art and stunning needles are made in the USA. In my opinion they are the best needles out there and worth every penny.

Janis L. 3/21/16 |

These are the most amazing needles. I've been using 9" circular needles for sock knitting - never again. I ordered one set of dp 2.75 as a trial - wow. Can't wait for my next set to come. Thank you for the dedication it must have taken to create these wonderful needles.

Connie A. 3/9/2016 |

I received my first needle order yesterday, a complete set of circulars with 24" cords, 5" stalks, and stiletto points. I've been obsessing over these since I first saw an ad many years ago and finally ordered a set. The jewel-tone colors are beautiful and, like the other Signature fans, I love the stiletto points. The needle sizes that are marked right on the needles and cable connectors are extremely helpful, the fabric case is very well made with a pocket for each cable in my 8-needle circular set and a pocket for each pair of needles. VERY well made with a nice, firm fabric. These needles are sooo well made and sooo beautifully colored that I'm sure they will cause me to turn out the best sweaters and other things that I've ever made!!! (oh, well - I can hope!) At least it'll make the job much easier and a lot more fun! Thanks for putting smiles on the faces of so many knitters around the world. Your needles are like potato chips - bet you can't have just one!!!

Rachel D. 3/9/2016 |

I can't believe I happily knit on wood dpns for years. My first set of sna's arrived last week and I'll never go back to wood! Ordered a second set tonight.

Jean S. 2/26/2016 |

Sheer heaven to work with.

Leslie P. 2/23/2016 |

Thank you for carrying top notch products. I just LOVE your needles!!

Kate L. 2/22/2016 |

My new needles arrived safely........WOW !!! They are truly amazing - a complete work in Art. Will love working with these beautiful gliders. A big thank you to Signature!!!

Heather M. 2/22/2016 |

I adore these needles more than I can say. They are the best circular needles I have ever used.

Lynn B. 2/19/2016 l

I love my Signature needles, would be lost without them. You have an excellent product. They are my favorite needles and pretty too. The fact that you stand behind your warranty makes them even better.

Jan Smiley 2/19/2016 I

Your needles are my personal favorites - I always check to see if the size I’m seeking is free before I consider using any of my other needles :-)

Susan C. l

I am so pleased with the needles I just purchased. I only bought 1 pair just to try them. I usually would never spend that much on one pair but I have to say they are well worth the money with the added benefit of being made in the USA. I hope to save up and purchase more in the future. They are a pleasure to knit with.

Alice R. l

Many thanks for making such amazing needles. This is my main Christmas present from my husband to me. He doesn't understand why I'd be willing to pay so much for knitting needles; but he wants me to be happy. Feeling very fortunate.

Joanne R. |

I really love these needles!!! Thank you so much for making a needle so easy to work with, plus they're beautiful. I will always use these needles.

Katherine B. |

I remember knitting for one of your first print ads. Your needles were life changing.

K. Smith |

I absolutely love the Signature brand & never even blink at the cost when I buy one! I like to use the best tools on the market, no matter what they cost. Keep up the good work!

Maria Haag, Sweden |

These needles are the very best. I gave a pair to my best friend and she loves them too. We have been knitting since we were kids and stilling knitting and with these absolutely fantastic needles it is a joy.

Karen B. |

I don't know if anyone has ever told you but for some reason your needles allow folks to knit without hand pain. I have heard this from everyone I know that has used Signatures. I myself am able to knit without said pain and believe me I have a box full of other companies needles (I have tried them all) I have heard from others..."love them but the cost!" My answer to them is the same...worth every penny...just buy 1 and you will see that the advantages of Signatures out weighs by far the cost! To me they are, by far, the best needles available and I encourage every student I teach to knit to buy them.....your needles have allowed me to knit longer, faster and they are the best for knitting with "splitting " yarn.

Pam |

I LOVE my new Signature Needles, I will never go back any others. They are worth the extra money, I started off buying one set of the Circular Needles with interchangeable cable, once I received them - I was sold - I bought the entire set ... it's one of my most treasured purchases.

Mary |

I received my convertible circular needle set yesterday and I am thrilled. Not only are they absolutely beautiful and unbelievable in my hands, but the free case you sent for them is fabulous. I frankly expected a flimsy stop-gap case. I checked your website and the one I received is actually the color I would have ordered! I look forward to many hours of luxurious knitting!

Mary F. |

When my cable and stiletto points arrived, I immediately switched the lace shawl project over to it. Dream come true! I was just about to give up on this because of so many problems. These points glide effortlessly between the lace yarn loops for the K3,YO,K same 3 stitch. No more fumbling and ripping back. Ahhhh! I think this will be my new favorite knitting needle brand.

Donna W |

Love these needles. Best knitting fun using these! Faster than others, and easier to use. Supports that you get what you pay for, and why not pay for the best tools ?

Susan S. |

Bought needles atSAFF. Was anxious to start a Ms Babs project. 5 days later just about done. These are the best needles ever. Thanks so much. And thanks for being so friendly and welcoming in to your booth to try the needles. Great job

Cindi |

Bought my first pair of circular needles at SAFF! Started a cowl today.........LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the needles!!! I will certainly by more as I can afford them!! Thank you!

Lilian | Australia

I have just received my order and I'm not sure if you knit .... but oh my lord in heaven these needles are the Rolls Royce of all needles!!! They 'unfortunately' make me want to knit more than what I already do .... I have a set of breathtakingly expensive pearls that I love to feel & touch ... an incredible feel to the hand .... & I feel the same about these needles ... they actually feel divine to hold/touch.

Lori R. |

“I love your needles….have a full set and now I’m going to start a collection for my best friend’s birthday!! Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

LB | Dallas, TX

I just received my Stitch Stoppers (in record time I might add). Just want you to know what a genius idea this is, how much I need them and that they are and will be SO appreciated. Can't count how many times my rubber needle stoppers end up every where except where I put them....never staying on the needles during any type of transport. Thank you SO much for developing this product!


I very much dislike knitting with circular needles, but I purchased my first Signature circular needles in a desperate attempt for help. It is the best purchase I have ever made for knitting essentials. The stiletto points are perfect for my lace knitting, the cable is pliable, and the joint does not prevent the stitches from sliding up onto the needles. What a difference; what a joy! Thank you for these AMAZING needles; they have transformed my knitting!

Mandy S.

I just wanted to say thank you for my custom length circular that I ordered. It arrived today and is perfect in every way. My knitting friends were all astonished that I was able to order a custom made needle. Your brand is not known over here in Australia (unless you are a member of Ravelry). So thank you again for your exemplary service and product.

Collette Cook

These needles are the Cat's Meow! I have a full set of the 10" straights and the 24" circulars. I always forget just how wonderful they are until I pick them up and start knitting. A dream to work with!

Vicki Maynes

Your needles are so wonderful that I sold my Addi Turbos at a garage sale and used the money to buy one set of circulars in every size in 47" chords. The stiletto points can't be beat and I won't knit socks without my wonderful double points in sizes 1 and 1 1/2! Now I am saving to be able to buy a set of circs in all sizes in 24" chords. Until you have knit with these little beauties, you don't know what you are missing. Well worth the price (and I love having them monogrammed!)

Patricia Jaquins

I just bought a set of 2.50 double points and a size 7 circular and I cannot say enough good things about them. They have a certain feel to them that is hard to explain other than to say they feel like they were made to order just for my hands! The stilettos are an absolute joy to use for not only straight knit and purl stitches but the knit 3 tog. and sssk stitches for my lace baby blanket!

The beautiful jewel colors and lovely tips that almost sparkle as your stitches fly off the needles are a major plus as well. The fact that they are very smooth but not so slick that I have the constant worry of losing stitches is a big deal for me as well. They are pretty expensive, but I will be saving up to get more, because even though I'm not a professional knitter by trade, I feel I deserve to use the tools of professionals for everything I knit for my family. Bottom line is..they are simply beautiful to look at and wonderful to use and the best needles I've used in my forty-two years as a knitter. Thank you Signature Needle Arts--YOU ROCK! :)

Sidney Wendt | Greensboro, NC

I have quite a few of the fabulous Signature Circular Needles! They truly are the "Cadillac" of knitting needles. The tip is a dream to execute any kind of knitting, but lace projects are a breeze with these gems! I had the unfortunate luck to have a needle break and Signature contacted me immediately after informing her of the breakage. They promptly offered to replace it! I never expected it, but am so pleased with the needles. I was prepared to buy another, but am elated to get a replacement! I am seriously considering a complete set!!

Holl the Doll | NY, NY

Stiletto point needles RULE! Just received my 1st pair of single points and they are perfect for knitting 2 tog., knitting into the front and back of a stitch, and actually just about everything. I want them ALL. No seriously, ALL.

Renee Freeman | Plano, TX

Hi, it's me again - Renee, in Plano, TX. I have been deliriously happy clicking along with my Singulars since April 2012. I've made two scarfs, 2 Quant headbands (see for the pattern) and am plugging away on my Tern and Angostura vests.

So far I've used my 4's, 6's and 8 circulars with gusto and some would even say an almost reckless abandon. This is because using your tools is a delight to the senses. Your needles are amazingly lightweight and yet they somehow have a pleasing heft. I don't really understand it - to me it is just magic. And hello, they come in those simply gorgeous colors. But WAIT - there's more. There's that super bendy, soft cord that joins the needles just so.

Ahhh, my Stilettos how I love thee. Of course, I am busy trying to save up for my next set of Stilettos. Hopefully Christmas 2012.

Valerie Richard | Western Australia

I have just received my first set of of double pointed needles. I had started a pair of socks on some multicoloured wooden needles and it was going alright. But, now I am using the signature needles and stitches are even, I am knitting at my old speed, and the sock looks great with the needles in. What am I going to do.... I need to replace all my old needles! How can I knit with anything else now?

Rebecca | Loveland, CO

I love to knit lace. My newest quest is to learn to knit a Haapsalu shawl. But found that making all those "nupps"(7stitches knit into one stitch, then on the next row all 7 knit together) was so very hard! It was downright impossible to knit those seven stitches together, and there are hundreds in a completed shawl. I gave up. Then I discovered Signature Needle Stilettos. Omigoodness! As soon as they arrived, I cast on for a swatch of the Haapsalu pattern I had tried so many times... and was amazed at the difference. I could knit those nupps quickly and easily with no problems at all. The needles feel wonderful as you use them. They are a bit too pricey for me to get all the sizes, but are worth the investment to succeed on a project that needs those incredibly pointy tips.

Janet | Fairbanks, Alaska

I saw your add in a knitting magazine and had to try them. I've ordered most of the double points,and now I'm getting some circular needles engraved. My goal is to have all the sizes in DPN and Circulars. Do you have plans to do some 16" circular needles?

Renee Freeman

OMG, I took the plunge and went right over the deep end and I am ever so delighted that I did. I purchased the 8 needle circular set which I customized all to pieces. I went with stilletto points all around, doubled up on the needles I use the most (6, 7, and 8) and since I knit with mostly sock to light worsted I also added size 4 & 5 needles to complete my set.

I waited on pins and needles and still got my set way sooner than I expected - 4 days. What makes that real impressive is that the needles arrived in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex right when we were having MAJOR tornado activity. At last count, we were up to 12 confirmed tornadoes - crazy, huh. So, I fully expected there to be some major shipping delays - but there weren't! *yay

Man, talk about Christmas in April. The lovely colors, the super slinky cable, the absolute perfection of the join - man, I couldn't wait to start using the needles. So, I promptly transferred 3 current projects from the needles I was using to my lovely new Signature circs. So far, I can attest that the size 4, 6 and 7 knit even better than they look and that's saying something.

I only have one problem now - saving up for my next set of Signature circs and deciding on the composition of my next set of beauties.

So yep, you guys are pricey but worth every penny. I take my set with me and, enabling knitter that I am, I get unsuspecting knitters to "just try a few stitches, just to see how it feels. . . " So far, I have 3 people who are now saving up for their very own set. Keep in mind, I just got my needles yesterday.

Mary Jo DiBella

Oh my gosh, I just got my first Signature needles and I love them!!! I bought the circular ones, and I can't wait for them to be released in smaller (sock knitting) sizes! Magic Loop here I come!

Karen M.

I was looking for pointy knitting needles as I am a tight knitter which makes knitting 2 or more stitches together difficult. I found Signature Needle Art by surfing the web. At first I was taken aback as they are expensive (for me they are) but then I thought well, if they are pointy and I like them they'll be a worthwhile INVESTMENT so I took the plunge and order 2 sets of straight needles. There was a little problem in shipping but Vicki took care of it fast and friendly. Well I have my needles and I love them, the stilettos are SO POINTY!!!! Knitting 2 or more stitches together is so much easier now and they are pretty to boot, I especially like the spiral caps. So guess what? I purchased 4 circular needles! Love them, the cords on the circulars are pliable and strong, and there is a smooth change from the needle to the cord (hope that makes sense). Eventually I will try the double points (when I save some money to purchase more they are an INVESTMENT lol)

Teri Leewright

I was intrigued by the advertising I saw in knitting magazines, and finally decided I had to try some. So I ordered a size 6 circular with the stiletto point. I was hoping I wouldn't like them too much so I wouldn't have to spend the money to buy more, but alas: They were wonderful. I mostly knit lace, and the stiletto point are by far the best I've used. I also love the cables - not too stiff and not too flexible. I am slowly acquiring more. Love, love, love them.

Dianne | W. Lafayette, IN

They have a wonderful smooth feel. They are as close to a Rolls as I will ever get . Slowly acquiring more as budget allows.

Juleen Jaeger | New Berlin, WI

Because your ad in a magazine was so beautiful, I had to investigate your website. I just knew the needles would be as beautiful so I've ordered some dp, circular and straight needles and I won't rest until I have them in all the sizes I use regularly. I am the envy of my knitting class. Even the instructor comes to see if she can help so she can use my Signature needles. They are the absolute best needles I have ever used. To me they are a work of art worthy of being in a gallery. Also great that they are made in Wisconsin but enjoy world renown. Thank you!

Michele G | Waterbury, CT

I am hooked on my Signature knitting needles. I purchased 3 pairs of the stilletto circulars...they are the best...have the addi lace circulars as well as the addi lace comparison...i love my signatures...the cable is so flexible; the join to the needle is so smooth. I will come back and order more. An excellent product and I recommend them highly. You won't be sorry. Thank you

Heidi D. | Birmignham, Al

I LOVE MY STILETTOS!!! I knit all the time, lots of different projects. If I don't have the proper Signature Needle for a project, I'm not as excited to begin it. Since using Signature Needles, I find it hard to use other needles. My wish list would consist of all sizes and styles, Stiletto only!!. My dream is to own them all one day.

Maryanne Anderson | Lyndonville, VT

I have knitted a lot of socks in my day but only on a size 5 DPN...those smaller needles were not for me...took way to long for one pair of socks. At a knitter's retreat I discovered the Signature Arts needles and was amazed how great they felt in the hand and how fast the knitting was going. I ordered my standard size 5 and whipped out three pair in no time at all!!! I am now going to give the smaller needles a try and venture into real sock yarn!!! Love the needles!!!


SNA double points are the BEST needles ever. I previously knitted all of my socks on Lantern Moon sock sticks and thought that I would never knit on anything else. Then a friend gave me a pair of SNA double points and I was hooked. The are so wonderful to work with. I recently picked an old pair of sock sticks (since I didn't have SNA #2's) and after a few rows I stopped and will be ordering a set of 2's today! There is nothing better than working with SNA double points.

Renae ML

Bought my first pair of sz 1 10" for a lace project and all I can say is thank you!!! I have been moving slowly on the project because I was disappointed with the needles I had been using, now it is full speed ahead and I am checking out everything else SNA makes. I recommend them to everyone!!


I purchased a pair of US 9 40" circs at Rhinebeck and absolutely love them! Today I ordered a pair of 2.75mm dpns and can't wait until they get here. I've knitted with almost every known brand of needles. Signature by far are the best. I know what Santa is bringing me this year

Marilyn Roberts | North Arlington, NJ

As a sock designer, I had to have a set of size 1 Signature DPs. What I would love is a set of size 0s too. Yeah, I'm a Stiletto gal! The points are perfect! And I do believe I am actually knitting faster, even though I have used metal DPs in the past. Signature needles' metal finish is superb. I'm dumping the rest of my needles because I will never use anything other than Signature again.

Hayley | North Lincolnshire UK

I was very lucky to receive such a lovely birthday gift of a pair of your needles from my daughters. How they found such a fantastic product I will never know. Thank you very much Signature.

Jackie C.

I received my order of circulars needles and I knew the second I put them in my hands I had something special. These are the finest needles I have ever worked with and I have been knitting for over 50 years. I will be ordering more sizes as I can afford them. Thank you for making such a fine product.


Wonderful needles, hoping to see US#1 40" for Magic Loop socks.


I bought my first set of Signature needles at Serial Knitters in Kirkland Washington, size 7 circulars, a few months ago. Since then I have tried knitting only projects that call for a size 7. I cannot believe the quality, honestly they make every needle I have ever used prior pale by comparison, including Addi Turbo Lace needles. The weight is perfect, the tips are exquisite, the joins are perfection, the cable is flexible and lightweight and I love how the cable spins at the join. If I could afford it I would buy every size right now. It sure would be nice if they made a set. I can't wait until I can buy another set!!!! LOVE THESE NEEDLES.

Debbie Huett | Springfield, MO

I started knitting socks a year ago on Knitpicks Harmony wood DPNs. Really liked them but decided to try the Signature Arts needles. Love them! Recently tried using the wood needles again (had jury duty & was afraid they wouldn't let me take the metal ones in) and I couldn't knit very well with them. I'm so spoiled now to how smooth & easy it is to knit with the Signature ones, I ripped it out and started over with the Signatures. I will only knit with them from now on. Excellent product! Thank you!

Linda C | Redstone Arsenal, AL

I am now hooked on SNAs and find it very hard to use other needles. I am in agreement with another customer about waiting to do socks until the 2 and 1 circulars come out. I look for sock patterns using size three. I really love them. Can't wait until my B-Day to buy 2 more circulars, then I would have all the circulars except 1&2. Please hurry and make them..... :-)

Janet | Geneva, IL

I cannot say enough good things about Signature Stiletto needles. Without them, I am quite sure that I would still be struggling with "purl two together through the back loops" stitches on my current project. These needles are an absolute joy to knit with, and I had tried every other 'top' brand out there. Nothing compares. Not even close.

Frances T

I just received my first pair of these circular needles, and they will not be the last! I cannot say enough about the wonderful construction of these needles; I have just about all brands, and these are quickly the number 1!

Elizabeth Keller | (Colorfulknitter)

I have today submitted yet another order for Signature Needles. After many years of knitting with a wide assortment of needles, I am thrilled to be using Signature Needles. Although I have accumulated most sizes of needles in my stash, I am using new knitting projects as an excuse to buy new Sig's! It is hard to go back to the old needles after using yours. I now have tried your dpn's, straights and circular needles. Your "memory resistant cable" is the best ever.

Mary | Arizona

I saw Signature needles for some time in magazines, but actually got to see them in person at the 2010 Stitches West Conference. The circular needles were just being introduced. I immediately bought a pair of circulars and two pairs of straight needles. They are the most beautiful needles I have ever used. Since then I have purchased every circular as they become available and some in several lengths. I teach knitting and always use my Signature needles in class and many of my students have ordered them as well. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

SallyAnn Miller

I listen to the Knit Girllls podcast. They did a special review of Signature Needles. Their glowing report convinced me. Yesterday I received my first set of DPNs along with a US8 circ from you. They are so perfect that today I ordered another size of DPNs plus the new US9 circ. I intend to order another size of each with every paycheck until I have them all. Treat your podcasters well. We listen to what they say.


Janet B said: I ordered the set of straight needles and absolutely love them. I also am anxious for the size 1 and 2 in circular for the socks. In fact, I may wait to knit anymore socks until they come out. These needles are so functional and feel so luxurious in your hands.

Wendy S.

You have the quickest mailing I have ever received they went out the same day I ordered. I ordered the first set last week after knitting with them for about an hour I knew they were the perfect needle so I ordered 6 more sets. what a wonderful,beautiful product you have created. I am going to spend many hours enjoying using them!I see more in my future! thank you for a great needle and wonderful service!